June 20, 2021 to September 12, 2021

Cooking the Kunsthaus ZugKunsthaus Zug mobil, Stop No. 38: Daheimpark

Can cooking be art? The renowned, maverick star chef Stefan Wiesner can prove it. Together with students from the Basel Academy of Art and Design, he is going to be cooking for the public at our Summer Party. The cooking squad – or should we perhaps call them an art troupe? – will let themselves be inspired by the building and the artworks in it. Whoever knows Wiesner will notice that this is meant literally. Using unexpected materials such as rowanberries, moss, stones and even rusty nails, he doesn’t just create new flavours, but art on our plates too. In Zug, the students will be cooking up their Kunsthaus impressions on imposing rings of fire, all in the spirit of Wiesner’s alchemistic, natural cuisine. At this cooking performance, you can veritably consume the Kunsthaus Zug!

Stop number 38 of “Kunsthaus Zug mobil” will be offering an exhibition in the Daheimpark to get the public better acquainted with the concepts and working methods employed by Wiesner at the Academy of Art and Design.

Curated by Leonora Kugler, scientific trainee