Performance and concert with the LDL Trio

@Kunsthaus Zug

Mar 24, 2024, 16:15–20:00

17:15–18:15: Performance 20:00–21:00: Concert

Leimgruber-Demierre-Lehn + Alex Huber: Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone Jacques Demierre, amplified spinet and harmonium Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer Alex Huber, percussion

The LDL trio unfolds its sounds through juxtaposing the soprano saxophone with two keyboard instruments: the amplified spinet and the analogue synthesizer, which are electronically linked. The Zug-based drummer, composer and improviser Alex Huber will be a guest of the Trio for their performance in the exhibition halls and at the concert in the Kunsthaus Bar. For more information on the Trio, go to: www.thomaslehn.com/read/info_ldl.html#audio

This event is being supported by: Canton of Zug, City of Zug, Schweizer Interpretenstiftung SIS


CHF 30 (for entrance to the performance, concert and exhibition)