One-hundred percent cinema

@Kunsthaus Zug

Apr 7, 2024, 12:00–13:30

On the trail of Frederick Kiesler, visionary cineaste, with Dr Stephan E. Hauser, art historian and silent film specialist, Basel

Frederick Kiesler’s ideas about film and the cinema were far ahead of their time. We will here follow in the footsteps of this visionary cineaste using examples and excerpts from films that inspired Kiesler in his notions about a cinematic experience that could transcend boundaries and encompass all the senses simultaneously, and which could in turn have been inspired by him.

On show will be films and film sequences by filmmakers from Kiesler's circle of friends (Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling, Walter Ruttmann, Oskar Fischinger, Fernand Léger, René Clair, Maya Deren, Dziga Vertov, Andy Warhol and others).